Gift Guide for Dad, Bae, and Beyond

Gift Guide for Dad, Bae, and Beyond

Gift Guide for Dad, Bae, and Beyond 150 150 Just Ashley Lane | Dallas Style Blog

We can’t live with ’em, we can’t live without ’em. And when it comes to the holidays, the men in our lives are relatively quite easy to shop for. I enlisted the help of my dad for this gift guide and it was quite insightful! There were items on his ideal gift list that I hadn’t quite thought about, so I’m happy to be sharing that with you here today.

When it comes to shopping for men’s clothes, it’s quite straightforward.

Think of the basic components of a man’s outfit:

Then, when it comes to their work clothes just add “dress” to the beginning of each word in that list! Ha! Wishing it were this easy for us girls?! Me too! And then there’s clothes for the gym, too.

But after that, clothes are pretty much covered and we’re left thinking of more creative gift ideas for our dads, uncles, boyfs, etc. That’s why I’ve included items in this list that hit key things guys want to check off a list when they get a gift or make a purchase.

  1. Convenience/Utility: is it something they can use easily in their everyday life?
  2. Cool factor: is it what the cool kids have?
  3. Techy: I’ve never seen a guy not wanting a gadget of some sort as a gift (my dad has asked for a drone camera two years in a row, lol!)

At last, after your tour through the male psyche, you have arrived to the Never Without Lipstick gift guide for males. I’ve covered all of the bases from gym clothes to electric screw drivers to hit all the needs of the special guys in your life! And if you want to head back here on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to score some deals on your holiday shopping, then don’t miss the “Gifts for Him” tab under “Holiday” on the navigation bar of my blog!

Click on any item you like below; these items here are some of my top picks for gifts! I’m also breaking things down by category below to make your shopping easier!