21 Day Sugar Detox: How to Prepare

21 Day Sugar Detox: How to Prepare

21 Day Sugar Detox: How to Prepare 150 150 Just Ashley Lane | Dallas Style Blog

I know what you might be thinking – a detox in 2017, original. BUT I have some reasoning and I’m looking for results beyond weight loss! Really weight loss really isn’t my motivation at all. During my sophomore year of college, I started to face some serious lower back pain issues that took almost a year to figure out. Well, to mostly figure out. Luckily nothing was wrong structurally, but I have to be very careful to reduce any inflammation in my body to keep my back at its healthiest and happiest. I have been both gluten and lactose free since I was diagnosed with the allergy for both in 2009 – but there is still a source of potential inflammation in my body…SUGAR!

I’m excited to see where this 21 days takes me (and hopefully some of you, too!) and if I’m able to really kick sugar and carb cravings in the butt for an inflammation-free body. I really love the detox approach that Diane Sanfillipo has put together here. She’s a nutritionist who has taken the time to make this detox very approachable with 3 different levels of intensity and modifications for those with other dietary or lifestyle needs. There is a huge list of foods to enjoy on the list and the recipes that she has shared in the guide look DELISH. I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite recipes along the way just in case you might want to try a low-sugar meal sometime soon!

Here are the steps I took to prepare myself to start this detox today:

  1. Downloaded the 21DSD Guide & had it printed and bound at Kinkos (just to make it easier to access recipes and food lists!)
  2. Determined which level I fell into (I am doing Level 3 because I am already gluten and lactose free!)
  3. Read through the approved food list
  4. Selected 4 recipes to try this first week
  5. Made grocery list and went shopping

I have already tried two recipes that I have LOVED, so I will be sharing those soon! If you decide to join in on the 21DSD let me know on Insta!