Top 5 Beauty Essentials Under $15 (and the 3 to lose)

Top 5 Beauty Essentials Under $15 (and the 3 to lose)

Top 5 Beauty Essentials Under $15 (and the 3 to lose) 150 150 Just Ashley Lane | Dallas Style Blog

Top 5 Beauty Essentials Under $15 featured by top US beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick

There are so many amazing beauty buys out there for such incredible prices that things start to feel like they’re too good to be true! I know that if I see a price tag under $15 for anything beauty related, I’m sold. But this can get dangerous because things add up and some of these products really just might not be worth it. I’ve been testing out some affordable, trending beauty essentials lately and put together this post with my opinions on what to use and what to lose!

Scroll down for my top 5 affordable beauty essentials!



Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner – $10.99 ($5 at T.J. Maxx)

There may be compelling arguments out there about paying big bucks for toners, but I’m here to say that you should save your dollars for fancy beauty items for something else (like lipstick, duh). This toner has no alcohol in it, is made of high-quality natural ingredients, and it doesn’t cause irritation on your skin. It delivers on what it promises.

Milani Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner: $6.55

I really, really love Charlotte Tilbury’s liquid eyeliner, but it runs at $32 and I’m not wanting to pay that each time I want to replace it. This sent me on the hunt to the drugstore for a similar buy. I ended up loving this liner! The felt tip of the pen is stiff enough to make a strong wing but also flexible enough to sweep over the rest of the eye. (My tutorial on how I do my wing tip eyeliner here) I will say that the color of the liner is not as long lasting as I’d like, so I do have to touch up the line when it gets a little too grey looking. Or sweep over it with the Stila waterproof liner ($22) from the start to lock in color.

Ice Roller: $11

These babies WORK, let me tell you! One morning I woke up and used this before a photo shoot, and I truly saw a decrease in my face’s puffiness. I made sure to roll it from the inner parts of my face outwards to get my skin pulling tightly. Using an ice roller is crazy soothing and can increase collagen production in your face as well as reducing redness and puffiness.

Elf Lipstick Remover: $3

This baby is a lifesaver for blog shoots when I’m switching between different lip stains! You glide it on and then wipe away lipstick or lip stain to get yourself ready for a new color or have to reapply after a failed first attempt or for a makeup touchup. It would also be great if you get new lipstick in and want to try on your new colors!

Aesthetica Beauty Blender Knock-off: $8

Who else LOVES their beauty blender but gets so sad at the price? I’m sure I’m not the only one. I am in love with my beauty blender and prefer it over foundation brushes any day. But that price tag just doesn’t work for me on something I have to replace semi-regularly. When I was looking to replace my BB awhile back, I came across this beauty sponge on Amazon. I was skeptical that any other sponge could quite match the BB. But this one (with its high ratings and positive customer reviews) stepped up to the plate and I found myself forgetting that it wasn’t a BB sponge!


Pixi Glowing Tonic Toner: $15

This toner is so cute! I love the color, the packaging, the smell. But there’s one ingredient that just doesn’t agree with my skin: glycolic acid. I have dryer skin that results in high oil production as my skin tries to make moisture for itself. Glycolic acid tends to increase oil production and can lead to oily skin. If you tend towards oily skin, then I recommend applying this at night only and every other night at that to avoid too much oil seeping into your daily makeup.

Milani ‘Luminoso’ Blush: $7

This blush has been raved, praised, obsessed over by fashion and beauty bloggers alike. So I might be committing some major blogger sin right now by saying that I wasn’t a fan of it. It was positioned as one of those ‘great on everybody’ shades of blush. First off on a positive note, I will say that the pigment is strong, long lasting, and applies smoothly for a drugstore product. And my dislike of this product could 100% come down to the fact that the shade just wasn’t made for my skin tone. For fair girlies with olive undertones, this color can come off as way too coral or orange. My tan gals should definitely reach for this color because it would be so stunning and a great blush to use all spring and summer long. One of my favorite bloggers recommended the shade ‘Dolce Pink’ which sounds like it would be much better for my skin tone. I’ll let y’all know what I think of it when I get my hands on it!

Silicone Makeup Sponge: $8.95

Have you heard about these? It’s kind of like using a bra insert (chicken cutlet, lol!) to apply your makeup. Before buying one of these, I watched a few YouTube tutorials and it seemed like they were amazing sponges for achieving a flawless finish with your foundation. But this isn’t quite how things turned out. I didn’t feel like the sponge applied my foundation and concealer for longterm wear. I felt like I was making a bigger mess of my makeup more than anything or just moving makeup around on my face rather than applying it effectively. My makeup felt like it was just sitting right on the top of my skin and that it would be super easy just to wipe it all off.

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