What to Pack: Skincare and Hair

What to Pack: Skincare and Hair

What to Pack: Skincare and Hair 1200 800 Just Ashley Lane | Dallas Style Blog

Never Without Lipstick blog: what skincare and hair products to travel with

Since Spring Break is coming up for a lot of you, I thought I’d get started on a little packing series to give you an idea of how and what I pack for travelling! I think the biggest question I’m always asking myself when I pack is, “What am I going to need?” And trying to foresee the future is just as hard for packing as it is for life, ha!

So the motto that I like to go with, as you might’ve noticed for a lot of things, is to Keep It Simple! Make sure that you pack the essentials you know you’d be lost without and then if something comes up, buy a travel size or make due without it!



If anything, brushes take up a ton of room, so don’t bring big round brushes if you can go without them. If you must have them, I recommend making a place for them in your suitcase rather than your toiletry bag! And by all means, don’t let those bristles get near a silk shirt or a sweater!! I recommend one of these brushes for a full-size brush, a travel-size wet hairbrush (especially for you curly-haired gals), and a teasing comb (which is optional but who doesn’t want some of that Southern lift?!).

Styling Tools

I almost always travel with a curling wand (I recently got the Beachwaver and I’m in love! I got it on eBay for $68, so I recommend starting your search for it there!). Curling irons or straighteners are pretty easy to travel with and can easily slide in your suitcase somewhere. My mom always travels with hers in this little heat-protected case which is smart to make sure it doesn’t break in your suitcase and can cool it down if you need to throw your iron in your suitcase in a hurry!

Hair Accessories

Something to live by: do not travel without a multitude of hair ties and bobby pins. Very important. It may just be because of my bangs and growing them out that I get panicky when I don’t have a bobby pin near, but they can come in handy so often while travelling, especially on nights or days you don’t want to style your hair. I can’t live without my black or brown hair thingies (bright colored hair ties are a no for me, I don’t know why!).


For this category, I think I can keep it pretty basic. Don’t leave home without a travel-size version of your beloved hairspray or dry shampoo. These two products would definitely be on the list of things I couldn’t travel without!


Shower Essentials

Face wash: Now this is an essential you just can’t go without. Don’t risk a breakout from using a new face wash at a hotel or from a CVS! Bring your most-trusted daily face wash with you. I recommend one that’s relatively gentle and good for everyday wash. But I’m also not opposed to bringing a travel size of an exfoliating wash (my favorite here) if you’re needing to slough off some dry skin and clear out pores.

Body Wash: Okay, you might be thinking this is a dumb one because hotels always provide body wash. But hear me out. The body wash they give you is such a tiny amount, pretty weak cleaning-wise, and who likes squeezing out body wash from a tiny container with slippery wet hands?! Who feels me? That’s why I recommend bringing 1-2 travel sizes of body wash (in easily squeezable bottles 😉  OR why not try out one of these sponges. They’re pre-loaded with soap and are good for up to 14 washes! That can last perfectly for a vacation!


Now this might be one of the hardest categories to know how to pack for. I know I get nervous about what I might need because there’s always an opportunity to have a breakout or get a nasty cyclopes-style pimple. That’s why I recommend bringing the essentials that keep your skin together in your weekly routine.

Moisturizer: Moisture is what keeps your skin happy and changes in its moisture levels are what cause problems. Don’t take that risk! I recommend this SPF moisturizer because it’s lightweight, great for sensitive skin, and guarantees protection from the sun.

Toner: Bringing toner is a really smart choice if you don’t have time each morning to wash your face. Even on busy mornings, I’ll just wipe toner over my face to refresh it and bring out any impurities from my pores. Do be careful with toners when travelling because they can be major leakers. I like to secure the top of mine and make sure to put them in a separate Ziploc to prevent toiletry bag chaos. Or if you want to bypass that risk when you travel, pack these Witch Hazel toner pads. I LOVE them and love the small exfoliating beads on the pads because it feels like I’m almost getting a face wash in!

Spot Treatment: Travelling can be hard on one’s skin: flying on planes, eating new foods, changing sleep routines. These changes in circumstances can lead to unexpected breakouts. That’s why you should bring a trusted attacker for unwanted pimples. I rely on this SkinCeuticals cream with 0.5% retinol to spot treat troublemakers.