Ways to Make Extra Cash This Summer

Ways to Make Extra Cash This Summer

Ways to Make Extra Cash This Summer 1200 800 Just Ashley Lane | Dallas Style Blog

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Summer, summer, summer (if that’s not triggering a High School Musical mem for you then I don’t know you). I must have a hard time transitioning into having lots of free time during the summer because my brain is always running at 1000 miles an hour with things to fill my time as the summer starts. And something that’s always at the top of my list is to make some extra $$$. Even though I’m a working human now with a ~job~, I still am doing some of these things for extra cash! These are my tried and true ways to get some extra spending money or to add to your savings.

  1. Sell your clothes: I regularly prune my closet every two months or at the beginning of a season to make sure that everything in there is really something that’s useful for multiple outfits. Once I’ve put together a bag of 8-10 items, I go to Buffalo Exchange. The key to getting them to buy your stuff is to go early before they’ve bought too much throughout the day AND to bring things that’re on season. It seems like you’d want to rid your closet of any unnecessary items from the previous season BUT at these resale shops they’re wanting to buy what people are looking for right now. It’s also a good idea to try to sell more trendy items.
  2. Have a garage sale: Now at a garage sale, you’re not limited by season OR product! Sell clothes and shoes from any season, furniture, home decor, etc. at your garage sale. DO be prepared to sell things at lower prices and to bargain on prices as your sale comes to a close. My mom and I are currently planning a big sale and actually thinking about doing two this summer! Highly recommend planning a garage sale with another friend or a family member. Do it on a Saturday towards the earlier weeks of the month when people are getting their paychecks and have that shoppin’ feelin’!
  3. Sell on online resale or yard pages: A few summers ago a Facebook page for my neighborhood popped up and it was a yard sale page where you could just post pics of items you wanted to sell with info and get cash so quickly! There are different rules on each page but most of the time the buyer will pick up the item from your porch. I recommend asking around or searching for sale pages like these if you want to sell from the comfort of behind the screen.
  4. Babysit: Babysitting may be one of the more obvious money makers but it can be so lucrative that I can’t write this post without mentioning it. One summer my mom commented her contact info on a private neighborhood Facebook group where parents were looking for sitters for their kids during the summer. It was perfect because that family needed a girl to drive their kids to camps/tutoring and hang with them at the pool during the summer. Reach out to neighbors, family friends, or find babysitting Facebook pages where moms post jobs regularly! Just remember to take into consideration their hourly rate (make sure it’s worth your time!), number of kiddos, and drive time. Something I learned from babysitting was to really factor in how much gas I’d be using when the family needed me to drive. I think it’s important to ask for at least some compensation for gas in addition to your hourly earnings!
  5. Sell a service/product: This may sound odd but stick with me. One summer I took jewelry making classes at a nearby beading store (I had a back injury and couldn’t do much so needed to #craft) and learned how to make pearl and leather jewelry. Think seaside pearls pieces for the beach, but I was able to make these pieces at such lower prices. Once I felt confident enough making a few designs, I got to selling! There was a bead wholesale store in Dallas where I’d get my supplies and I would take orders from either my friends or my mom’s friends. If you’ve got the crafty bug, consider selling jewelry, paintings, drawings, you name it. Maybe consider offering your tutoring, organizing, pet sitting, house sitting, meal planning etc. services to your neighbors or friends! You’d be surprised how many people are looking for your help during the summer and are willing to pay a close friend over someone they don’t know!

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