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Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks

For a girl that’s still new (read: lazy) when it comes to skincare (not makeup, I’ve got makeup on lock), the skincare department of the Nordstrom Sale was initially intimidating. So I started out by doing research and reading tons of other bloggers’ posts about their skincare and beauty finds. I tried my hardest to seek out information from others that face similar skin issues and needs as me. This helped me to narrow down a bit which products I needed to look into and that led me to better understand which products would be a better deal at the sale prices. All in all, for skincare newbies or if you’re reading about new products, it’s key to read customer reviews (which are plentiful on Nordstrom, bless) and look to the opinions of those you trust.

My skin type is combination but it definitely leans to the oily side due to dryness (complicated I know). I also struggle with cystic acne. So I was definitely considering products that would help me address these issues. After reading this blog post, I’ve been trying to take a more gentle approach with my skin especially at night. I think that the more I bug it the more it acts out and breaks out. Because of that I’m trying to use very gentle products with very natural, non-irritating ingredients.

As far as makeup and beauty products go, I really wanted to stick to the brands that I know and love. Sometimes during sales like these, brands will make sets that just aren’t as high quality as their full price items. This is definitely not the case for every beauty brand but it is bound to happen. There was also another layer of criteria that my beauty purchases had to pass this year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – NO animal testing. That’s why I was drawn to buy items from Hourglass Cosmetics and one of my all-time favorites, Charlotte Tilbury. Please note that all products mentioned in this post are not cruelty free as I am still in the process of overhauling my beauty and skincare arsenal to include all cruelty free brands and products.

Keep reading to find out which products were worth the purchase for me during the sale and why!

Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks


When SPACE.NK.apothecary reached out to me about the “Best of Collection” set they’re offering in the Nordstrom Sale, I sighed a breath of relief. It was like someone had done all the work for me. I was giddy when the package arrived with my set!

This set includes six best-selling products from this leading UK-based luxury skincare and beauty mecca. I had been hearing so many incredible things about this brand and was just generally obsessed with its branding and curation of products. Luxurious is what comes to mind when I think about SPACE.NK, but it’s also incredibly approachable for those looking to budget on skincare or those who are very new to skincare like me.

I especially loved that this set mixed makeup and skincare (and hair!) together, so that I could get to try items that met all of my interests. Let me break down the set for you and tell you why I’m so obsessed.

  1. By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Care: I don’t know what it is but I can’t go to bed without my hair completely brushed/tangle-free or without lip balm of some sort on my lips. (It’s a habit and I get all nervous if I don’t do it – what’s your bedtime must-do? I wanna know!) One of my favorite bloggers had raved about this lip balm for so long and I was so skeptical that it could do more than good ole Aquaphor or CarMex. But I was wrong. I have woken up with plumper, more moisturized lips lately because of this balm. If I can get Kylie lips because of this lip balm, I’m so in.
  2. Lipstick Queen ‘Frog Prince’: OKAY, this stuff is incredible. And that’s coming from me, the real lipstick queen 😉 Don’t be alarmed when you see that this lipstick is green. This lipstick will adapt to and enhance your natural lip color so that you are automatically wearing your ideal “my lips but better” shade. And you didn’t even have to try all the other lipstick princes. The name totally makes sense now.
  3. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment: Lately, I’ve been trying microneedling to enhance collagen production in my face and increase widespread healing to clear up breakouts; the teeny tiny needles “injure” your face to induce the skin’s natural healing and recovery process. Microneedling also helps your skincare products to penetrate MUCH deeper into your skin for enhanced results. I’ll probably do a post on my experience once I’ve been using it a bit longer. But I applied this serum after microneedling my face for a couple nights, and I noticed my face looking much plumper and smoother across the surface.
  4. Oribe Texturizing Spray: This hairspray is like the pumpkin spice latte of the hair world – everybody wants it. If you’ve ever had trouble with your hair dropping its curl practically minutes after you’ve curled it, then this is the spray you want to look into. Texturizing spray gives your hair the grit, if you will, to hold onto a curl or styling better than it would on its own. Even though my hair is about medium thickness, it still feels very fine which makes my curls loosen pretty quickly, so I’ve been reaching for this spray lately to give my hair the extra texture it needs to really hold onto my curls. Spray it in your hair before or after styling it and scrunch it in a little bit to really get it into your locks. Not to mention it also smells BEYOND amazing.
  5. Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara: I remember my mom saying she’d “belabor every lash” when she’d wear mascara in high school, and I seriously feel this way every time I apply mascara. Read that as I expect a lot out of my mascara. I need it to both lengthen and add thickness to my lashes. And now that I use Neulash to grow my lashes, there are a lot of layers of lashes that get crowded and wonky when I try to apply mascara. This Kevyn Aucoin mascara has a long thin brush which really gives me the ability to wiggle and comb it through my lashes to separate and lengthen each one to get the lashes I’m looking for.
  6. Eve Lom Cleanser: Have you heard about ‘double cleansing’? It’s all about going the extra mile to really rid your skin of all traces of makeup before washing your face and going to bed. Wipe away your makeup with a makeup wipe or micellar water first. Then use a makeup removing cleanser like this Eve Lom one to get that extra layer of makeup grime that could be the cause of your skin’s unhappiness and irritation. This cleanser smells so good and natural and I love that it’s the tiniest bit gritty. That slight exfoliation convinces me that it’s doing its job in scrubbing away any extra makeup. After applying this cleanser in circular motions around your face and on your eyes to remove leftover eye makeup, heat up the precious muslin cloth that it comes with and place it on your face to open your pores and loosen any toxins in your pores. Rub the cloth in circular motions to gently exfoliate and then you’re done double cleansing and can wash your face!

This set is worth $237 and is currently available during the Nordstrom Sale for so much less. It’s seriously one of the best deals you could snag from this sale given the amount of full-size products you receive in the set!

Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks


Charlotte Tilbury is the creator of one of my all-time favorite nude lipsticks (read about it here): Penelope Pink. I ADORE this color, this formula…I could gush on and on. Because I know and trust the quality of her lipsticks and liners, I knew that I could trust the quality to be the same in this lipstick set. I went with the ‘Perfect Pink’ set of lipsticks because I wanted pinkier shades since I already had a nude lip I loved from Charlotte Tilbury. These lipsticks apply like butter; they’re so smooth but not too creamy that your lips look messy with too much sheen. You will have to reapply this lipstick but I’ve had the color last for at least a couple of hours before it was time for another hit.

Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks


Hourglass has been on my radar for quite some time after I saw another blogger gal wearing the most gorgeous blush by them. It runs on the pricier end, so I had been reluctant to try their products. But when I read about their opposition to animal testing and the ingredients in their products, I knew that it was time to give it a try. I’d been in the market for a new foundation for quite some time and I decided to make the leap into trying their stick foundation (I’m in shade Vanilla and my skin tone is fair with olive undertones). I am CHANGED. It applies so smoothly, the coverage is buildable, and the match to my skin is flawless. With my previous foundation, I was always noticing a line on my jawline that drove me insane. If you’re wanting to try a new foundation, head to the Hourglass counter immediately.

So now that you now about my entree to Hourglass, it’s time to talk about this palette I snagged from the Nordstrom Sale. When I get on a YouTube makeup tutorial binge (just now on the Jaclyn Hill train), I’m immediately dying to start highlighting and contouring. But I like to keep things simple and easy so that I can wear it everyday if I want to. That’s why I love this palette. The bronzer gives the most subtle sculpting to your features without leaving you orange. It blends really beautifully too so that you aren’t left with any harsh lines which is common for me since I’m a newbie to contouring. I’m also always on the hunt for a blush that gives me that flushed rosy look – this blush does just that and the light reflecting particles in the powder also give a slightly dewy look which enhances your highlight. Last but not least, the setting powder in this palette gives you a light dewy glimmer and can also serve as a subtle highlight. This palette is definitely for those of you wanting to go for the subtle and dewy approach to contour/highlight!