My Matte Skincare and Makeup Routine

My Matte Skincare and Makeup Routine

My Matte Skincare and Makeup Routine

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Last week on my Insta Stories, I shared a few products that I’ve been using to keep my skin and makeup matte and oil-free. I wanted to put together a more detailed post about my matte skincare and makeup routine so that it had a place to live on the blog in case some might want to reference it in the future! My skin has been so oily lately and by the end of the day, my makeup looks like it has almost melted off my face. It’s such a frustrating experience, but I’ve read as many articles as I can for tips and tricks and tried out quite a few new products that have started to make a difference. That’s why I wanted to share my current matte skincare and makeup routine for those of you who might be struggling with this same thing!


  1. Wash with cleansing oil: This may seem counter-intuitive but cleansing oil clings to fat (aka excess oil) on your face, pulls it off your skin, and washes it away. I use this instead of a regular facial cleanser most of the time.
  2. AHA/BHA toner or Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel: For those of you with oily skin, don’t tone everyday; do it every other day. Toners can be drying on the skin which leads to more oil production, especially with toners that have alcohol in them. The AHA/BHA toner helps to soak up oil and can penetrate beyond just the surface level of your skin.
  3. Apply serum with (optional) powder booster: I like to change up which serum I’m using based on what I’m trying to treat that day with my skin. (I wrote about 3 serums that I love here in case you missed it.) After reading this article, I decided to give this True Botanicals antioxidant booster a try. The powder texture of the booster is oil absorbent and the antioxidants repair my skin – just add two shakes to your favorite serum, blend, and apply!
  4. Moisturizer and eye cream: Something I used to misunderstand about my oily skin was that I didn’t need moisturizer because my skin was producing so much oil. Wrong. This only dehydrated my skin and caused MORE oil – great. I always make sure to include moisturization in my matte skincare routine morning and night to lock in my skin’s moisture and prevent it from overproducing. My undereye concealer seems to go on better when I’ve applied eye cream!
  5. Sunscreen: Sunscreen contains zinc and titanium which are great oil-absorbing ingredients to keep your skin matte.

Now onto the second part of my matte skincare and makeup routine…


  1. Primer on your T-zone: Sometimes I feel like primers clog up my skin, so I don’t like to apply it all over. Apply it in the most oily parts of your face – mine is my t-zone! I haven’t quite found a primer that I love and trust – but I will keep you updated or please send suggestions!
  2. Apply foundation: Liquid foundation just wasn’t doing the trick for me and always felt too greasy no matter what formula I used. Things have really changed for the better with this stick foundation (I wear the shade ‘vanilla’, and I have fair skin with olive undertones!).
  3. Apply concealer
  4. Apply loose mineral powder
  5. Apply contour
  6. Set t-zone with white setting powder: This is my modified version of ‘baking’! I put quite a bit of setting powder and cake it onto my skin, undereyes, around my nose, and my forehead. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and let it sit for about 5-8 minutes. This works to really set my makeup in place and give me that matte makeup finish.
  7. Brush off excess setting powder and apply blush
  8. Apply highlight (optional): This step is totally up to you! Some of you may be averse to adding more shine to oil-prone skin or some of you may want to add in some dewy/glowy touches. I love this highlighter because I just dab it along my cheekbone for a slight glow!
  9. Set with sunscreen setting powder on chin, under nose, and between brows: I know this may seem intense. But I’m not kidding when I say that I’ll notice that all-too-familiar sheen of oil around my nose and on my chin within a few hours of applying my makeup if I don’t go through the right process. This final setting powder is another way to get oil-absorbing ingredients on my face.

So there you have it: my current matte skincare and makeup routine. I will continue to test products and new methods and share them with you if I find any new discoveries. Do you struggle with oily skin as well? If there are products you’ve tried that have really helped you, please let me know via Insta DM or comment below!