Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute

Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute

Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute 800 1200 Just Ashley Lane | Dallas Style Blog

Popular Dallas style blogger Never Without lipstick shares the best podcasts to listen to on your morning commute | podcasts for women, popular podcasts, funny podcasts, inspirational podcasts, for 20 somethings | Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute by popular lifestyle blogger Never Without Lipstick

For the longest time, I never really understood why lifestyle podcasts were a “thing.” I maybe listened to an episode of Brandi Glanville’s podcast (fellow RHOBH fans, I see you cringing) way back when. I even deleted the Podcasts app on my phone because I “didn’t need it.” All of this saga to say that I was wrong about podcasts, okay? Now I LIVE for them! I feel like I’ve found some of the best lifestyle podcasts that might be just right for your morning commute. Or really just time spent in the car when you’re not feeling your playlist.

I’m convinced that lifestyle podcasts were made for your drive to work. They can have a big impact on your mindset for the day. Whether I need a good laugh or inspiring business tips for my blog, there’s a podcast for it. It’s like I’m having a good heart-to-heart with my besties in my car. That’s why I wanted to share the best podcasts particularly for your morning commute!



Personal growth podcasts have been my bread and butter over the last couple of months. Sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants to change or re-evaluate your mindset.

Super Soul Conversations:

This is one of my most recent podcast discoveries. The episodes that I’ve listened to so far have inspired me and even pried a tear or two from my eye. (#inspired) Not only does Oprah have an inspirational TV empire, she also has one of the most impactful podcasts. Only Oprah! I definitely think this is one of the best podcasts to listen to for a moving start to your day. I recommend starting with the Brene Brown episodes.

Pursuit with Purpose:

The host, Melissa Gryffin, is known for her courses/trainings for entrepreneurs. But don’t let that deter you from listening. This podcast is all about what you can do to lead a more fulfilled life; we all need those tips, right? She interviews professionals/leading figures in self-help, meditation, life coaching etc. to get their tips/advice on how to “pursue your purpose.” It has helped in shaping my perspective on aspects of running my own business and improving my productivity habits. Melissa is a great interviewer and seems to always ask her guests the questions I’m thinking of while I’m listening.


The Influencer Podcast: 

If you have a blog, side hustle, or want to start a blog, this podcast would be an amazing place to start. Julie Solomon, the host, is someone in the industry that I really admire. I feel like she asks her guests the good, deep questions that get to the root of what her listeners are looking to hear. That’s why I feel like it’s one of the best podcasts for listeners in the influencer industry. This can also be a good listen for anyone interested in influencer marketing and wanting to learn more about how it all works!

Goal Digger: 

I don’t listen to this podcast as regularly, but I have found great advice from the episodes I’ve heard so far. The host, Jenna Kutcher, is a self-made, extremely successful entrepreneur and has some amazing tips for how to succeed in the online space. This podcast offers impactful tips for bloggers and young professional women alike. It’s a mixture of quick tips from Jenna or interviews with guests with very valuable advice. I also always love to hear how different people have achieved success/their journey. You can find life advice/hacks, productivity tips, and guidance for running your business all on this podcast. There’s so much to learn!


Bitch Sesh:

This podcast makes me (legitimately) laugh out loud. People next to me at stoplights probably think I’m clinically insane but it’s fine. Bitch Sesh is the podcast for all lovers of the Real Housewives franchise. Or Bravo in general, honestly. The hosts are outrageously funny and analyze every detail from each Real Housewives episode in the most hilarious way. You could listen to this even if you don’t watch the shows; it’s just that funny. Definitely a great listen for starting off your day with some laughs!


My Favorite Murder: 

When I tell people that I’m listening to this podcast I get some weird looks. I think think it’s best to frame it as a “true crime” podcast to reduce potential judgment. Anyway…I became a fast fan of this podcast. And you may be asking yourself, “why would this be good for my morning commute?” Well, the hosts are absolutely hilarious, first off. The cases they cover are fascinating (they go back to the 1800’s sometimes!) and they do thorough research for each one. I recommend listening to see if it’s for you! If you don’t get anything else from it, I think it’s good to listen to for safety and awareness reasons.


Dear Sugar:

This is like ‘Dear Abby’ in a podcast version. I’ve already started listening to an episode and I’m into it. It’s fun to get a male and female perspective on different relationship questions that listeners send in!

Up and Vanished:

The gals on ‘My Favorite Murder’ mention this podcast all the time, so I feel like it’s time to see what it’s all about. It’s the same premise as Serial which was actually the podcast to officially get me “into” podcasts. If you liked Serial or are interested in more true crime podcasts, try this one out!

Side Hustle School: 

I just subscribed to this podcast and I’m blown away by it just from reading throw the episode titles. This was recommended to me by a friend because of the business tips alone. There are a million different ways to make a secondary income and the stories shared on this podcast prove that!

There you have it – the best lifestyle podcasts for your morning commute. I hope one (or more) of these podcasts brings a little sparkle to your morning!  Let me know what you’re listening to if you’re a fellow podcast lover. I’m always looking for more recs!

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