Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute

Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute

Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute

Best Lifestyle Podcasts for Your Morning Commute 800 1200 Just Ashley Lane | Dallas Style Blog

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This lifestyle podcasts post was originally published in January 2018 and updated in July 2019

For the longest time, I never really understood why lifestyle podcasts were a “thing.” I maybe listened to an episode of Brandi Glanville’s podcast (fellow RHOBH fans, I see you cringing) way back when. I even deleted the Podcasts app on my phone because I “didn’t need it.” Let’s just say I’ve had a podcast glow up and have the best lifestyle podcasts for your morning commute.

Now I LIVE for podcasts and am recommending them left and right! I feel like I’ve found some of the best lifestyle podcasts that might be just right for your morning commute. Or really just time spent in the car when you’re not feeling your playlist. I’m convinced that lifestyle podcasts were made for your drive to work. They can have a big impact on your mindset for the day. Whether I need a good laugh or inspiring business tips for my blog, there’s a podcast for it. It’s like I’m having a good heart-to-heart with my besties in my car. That’s why I wanted to share the best podcasts particularly for your morning commute!



Bitch Sesh:This podcast makes me (legitimately) laugh out loud. People next to me at stoplights probably think I’m clinical. Bitch Sesh is the podcast for all lovers of the Real Housewives franchise. Or Bravo in general, honestly. The hosts are outrageously funny and analyze every detail from each Real Housewives episode in the most hilarious way. You could listen to this even if you don’t watch the shows; it’s just that funny. Definitely a great listen for starting off your day with some laughs!

Two Judgey Girls: This is another winner when it comes to Bravo and Real Housewives recaps and breakdowns. It’s so funny and I love the dynamic between the hosts!

Absolutely Not: This is a new one on the list, but you better believe it’ll be permanently in my rotation. The host is Heather McMahan, my FAVORITE comedian – a must follow on Instagram! Watching her stories is the highlight of my day, and when she has a new podcast episode out, then my day couldn’t get any better at that point. This podcast has me belly laughing in my car – no better way to start off a day than with that!

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her: It was hard to think of a category for this podcast because it offers SO many different things. They interview experts from so many different industries and walks of life. Actors, dieticians, entrepreneurs, doctors – you name it! This podcast delivers so much value because of all of the tips and tricks you get. I’ve learned many things from many episodes and I love the dynamic between Michael and Lauryn, the husband-and-wife duo as hosts! You will be learning and laughing every time you listen.

Be There in 5: Kate Kennedy, the host of this show, is known for her “deep dive” episodes. She also interviews really good guests, but I love to listen to the deep dives particularly! They are long but they are informative; I understand so much more after listening to them about different topics. Most recently, I listened to an episode about Taylor Swift’s public post about Scooter Braun; I learned so much and was getting enraged at how Taylor had been treated and just the dark side of that industry. A must-listen for sure!



U Up?: Initially, I wasn’t a big fan of this podcast. But one of my best friends loves it so much, so I knew I needed to power through. The male host was a bit too cynical in his perspective, but then I warmed up to his part in the dynamic of the two hosts. And he definitely provides amazing male insight to dating etc. And now? I listen every week! They also read and respond to listener questions which is my favorite part and interview dating experts etc. One of my favorite dating podcasts now!

This is Why You’re Single: I used to listen to this one a bit more regularly than I do now (the hosts can get a little annoying after listening to too many, ha), but it’s definitely worth the mention as far as dating podcasts go. I love the guests they’ve brought on, but my favorite part is when they read and respond to listener’s dating and relationship questions. I’ve gotten valuable insights from their advice and analyses of all the craziness that is dating today!

Girls Gotta Eat: I don’t listen to this one regularly, but I loved the episodes that I’ve listened to over the past couple of months! The hosts are hilarious, bold (sometimes pretty crude so be prepared!), and they ask great, hard-hitting questions for their guests.


My Favorite Murder: I became a fast fan of this podcast. And you may be asking yourself, “isn’t this a little dark for my morning commute?” Well, the hosts are absolutely hilarious, first off. The cases they cover are fascinating (they go back to the 1800’s sometimes!) and they do thorough research for each one. I recommend listening to see if it’s for you! If you don’t get anything else from it, I think it’s good to listen to for safety and awareness reasons.

Crime Junkie: This podcast is the BEST for a quick hit of true crime awesomeness. I love the way the host goes about telling the stories of each crime. She does a great job of doing her research and presenting in a way that feels like a friend telling you a scary story. She also does an amazing job in putting together all the evidence, videos, photos etc. for each case on her website where you can go for more details.


Super Soul Conversations:

The episodes that I’ve listened to so far have inspired me and even pried a tear or two from my eye. (#inspired) Not only does Oprah have an inspirational TV empire, she also has one of the most impactful podcasts. Only Oprah! I definitely think this is one of the best podcasts to listen to for a moving start to your day. I recommend starting with the Brene Brown episodes.

The Amber Lilyestrom Show: Amber is one of my favorite branding experts/business coaches to follow on Instagram. She just “gets it” as they say. I love her Focus Friday episodes because they always hit right to point about behaviors or fears that could be holding us back in our lives. I just really like the philosophy she has for being kind to yourself and giving yourself grace. Always a good message for this recovering perfectionist!

The Remedy: I particularly love this podcast because it’s recorded in Dallas! But I really love it because it features multiple episodes where my beloved therapist, Janice Gaunt, is interviewed. Start with the episodes interviewing her first – SO much goodness!


The Influencer Podcast: 

If you have a blog, side hustle, or want to start a blog, this podcast would be an amazing place to start. Julie Solomon, the host, is someone in the industry that I really admire. I feel like she asks her guests the good, deep questions that get to the root of what her listeners are looking to hear. That’s why I feel like it’s one of the best podcasts for listeners in the influencer industry. This can also be a good listen for anyone interested in influencer marketing and wanting to learn more about how it all works!

The Glossy Podcast: love this podcast because they interview the founders or big players at some of my favorite companies. Most are digitally-native companies and it’s so cool to see how these brands have built their fan base without a brick and mortar store in some cases. The host asks really good questions and the insights I’ve taken away from it have been so valuable.

There you have it – the best lifestyle podcasts for your morning commute. I hope one (or more) of these podcasts brings a little sparkle to your morning!  Let me know what you’re listening to if you’re a fellow podcast lover. I’m always looking for more recs!

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Do you have current lifestyle podcasts that you love listening to? Share in a comment below!