12 Best Skin Care Products on Amazon When You’re At Home

12 Best Skin Care Products on Amazon When You’re At Home

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Writing to you from my couch with my sweet pup, Leo, by my side! With everything happening right now, many of us are feeling unsettled and anxious. While we don’t know what the future holds, there are definitely small things we can do to decompress at home. Something that calms my anxiety is my skincare routine or an at-home spa moment! Masks, exfoliating, hydrating etc. Taking the time to pamper yourself can do wonders to calm your mental state.
I’ve put together 12 of the best skin care products or tools you can find on Amazon to make the most of your shelter in place spa time!
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Top 12 Best Skin Care Products on Amazon:

Indian Healing Clay Mask:

This mask is one of the most effective and affordable clay masks you can use, in my opinion! Mix it with water or apple cider vinegar, leave on for about 20 minutes and remove for glowing, purified skin. This is a great mask to do at night before you apply your skincare.

AHA Body Scrub:

This is an amazing body scrub for those that struggle with “chicken bumps” on the back of your arms and legs. I’ve noticed a huge difference now that I’m using this to exfoliate in the shower a few times a week!
Eyebrow Razors:
For the most part I let my eyebrows do their thing. I’ll pluck them and shape them with these little razors whenever they start to get a little too unruly. While you’ve got time on your hands, why not clean up your brows to be lookin’ fresh!

AHA Peel Mask:

Another affordable and effective mask option. This AHA/BHA mask helps to increase skin cell turnover not only on the top layer of your skin but also deeper. Make sure to follow the application rules and only leave it on for 10 minutes! And wear lots of sunscreen the next day!

Pimple Patches: 

The risk you run while at-home spa-ing is possibly doing *too* much picking and prodding. Or maybe that’s just me, ha! To prevent scarring, use these pimple patches over your blemishes. Gross…but…the patch gently pulls pus from a pimple to help you avoid popping it and causing scarring or scabbing!

Face Mask Application Brushes: 

I love using a brush to apply my masks as evenly and perfectly as possible.

Lip Scrub: 

Don’t forget your lips when you’re pampering yourself! Do this scrub a few times a week to remove dead skin and keep your lips soft.

Baby Washcloths: 

I’ve always been interested in facial washing devices, but after talking with multiple estheticians about their thoughts, I’ve decided I don’t want to use one. However, to get a deeper clean and a gentle exfoliation, use a baby washcloth! While your face wash is still on your face or before you take off a mask, take a warm washcloth and keep it over your face to steam your face and open your pores! This is a great thing to do to help your skincare penetrate deeper.

Rose Quartz Roller: 

Increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage when you use your rose quartz roller! Use this to apply your serums.

Hydrating Lip Treatment: 

Follow your lip scrub with this super hydrating lip balm!

High Frequency Facial Machine: 

This machine is the BEST. It helps to kill bacteria, clear blemishes, and increase collagen production. I think my stress and anxiety during this time has definitely caused some cysts to pop up, and this tool is the best for getting those to go down much faster. Watch some YouTube videos on how to use these before doing it for the first time!

Body Dry Brush:

I *love* to dry brush! This is one of the best options for body exfoliation. Dry brush before your shower, then exfoliate with the AHA scrub or a brown sugar scrub in the shower, and shave for nice smooth skin. This is great to do before moisturizing or before self-tanning!